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Who we are and what we do?

WebMuses is a women empowered IT-oriented community.
We're interested in everything connected with information technology: from coding to design. We want to encourage, inspire & share our passion.

Feel invited to join our women-friendly workshops, meetings, presentations and team coding. Positive energy both included and required.


Hackerspace Kraków

Hackerspace Kraków - A playground for Kraków Geeks and meeting place for IT people. Do you have great ideas but don't have place or tools? Want to meet new people and test your ideas? Hackerspace can be the place!

Creative Coworking

Creative Coworking - perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs - for everybody who needs place to work


Crossweb - an online service for people interested in IT, UX, SEM/SEO and e-business, who want to take part in trainings, meetings, workshops, conferences and job fairs.




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