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ania migas

By blind chance instead of English studies she found herself studying an IT-related specialty - electronic information processing at UJ. To this day she considers it the happiest coincidence in her life. She now works as a UX/UI Designer and Front-end Developer at Lunar Logic.

In her free time she tries to make up for all these wasted years at the dance class (hip-hop, ballet, contemporary) and commits to yet another unsuccessful trial to complete the Goodreads' Reading Challenge.


Kasia Jarmołkowicz

Rails Girls alumna, organiser and coach. Likes late mornings, decent coffee and cats. Occasional pâtissier. Writes Ruby or Javascript at work, recently became a flexbox fan.


małgorzata nowak

Illustrator and designer that can code. In her work she most enjoys solving complex problems with beautiful and useful interface. In her free time she reads books and explores the world of fairy tales. She likes to draw witches and her dream is to illustrate children's books.


wiktoria dalach

She knows the strangest definition of interface design. She’s aware that it’s best to start at the beginning - even Eric Clapton’s fingers hurt from playing the strings. Studies Electronic Information Processing at UJ (closest to Human Computer Interaction as it can get in Cracow) and explores the depth of knowledge about UX and design. In her free time she invents poor jokes. Photographs muses and muse events.


basia madej

Software Developer. Too shy for a rockstar, too social for a ninja.



julia jacobs

She’s a web developer at Lunar Logic, but philosophy was her first true love. Works mainly in frontend, yet she’s often tempted by the “dark force” and takes online courses to get more into backend coding.
In WebMuses she sees a lighthouse for those who have trouble finding what they want to do with their lives - not unlike herself until quite recently.
Privately a huge tv series devotee and owner of the biggest cat in the city.


magdalena kania

As a little girl she dreamed about designing villas for Russian oligarchs. Her dream partially came true - she has an MA in Russian studies ;) In the meantime, Internet came into her life and she came to know design.
She likes to engage in different nifty projects - besides WebMuses, she supports TEDxKraków with her designs.


łukasz mokrzycki

Always liked building interesting stuff: when he lost all of his lego, the time came for applications.
Because of this he soon realised that making something out of nothing is a source of enormous satisfaction.
When he’s not programming, he passionately broadens his knowledge in cognitive sciences and other fields.


Grzesiek Świrski

A web developer freshly out of high school :) Probably the only programmer in the world that does not like coffee. His passion is creating usable things. He loves digging into technologies and destroying existing code. While not coding, he digs through documentation or plays volleyball.


przemek dąbek

He likes to learn new programming languages, but his heart belongs to Ruby. Out of his innate curiosity he takes part in various events, conferences and initiatives, where he meets a lot of inspiring people. One day he decided to come to a WebMuses working group meeting and had no idea just how much it would draw him in ;-) Since then he eagerly engages in WebMuses meetings and workshops, during which he shares his knowledge.


ola puchta

Creating experiences is her thing. Whether it’s a urban game, educational board game or a product for developers – she’s always on the look out for making others smile.
Currently fascinated with UX as a way to achieve that in the IT world.
Addicted to the Rails Girls vibe. Previously one of Rails Girls Warsaw organizers, after moving to Krakow she naturally gravitated towards WebMuses.


agata mazur

She’s been active in the world of IT for almost 7 years. Until recently her heart and soul belonged to Applicake, but now she’s beginning a new exciting adventure in Base!
The idea of getting girls interested with Internet has been on her mind for a long time - so she initiated WebMuses by gathering a group of most the venturesome women in Cracow ;)


emi maj

She became a designer because she likes to search for best solutions. While at it, she discovered that the results can be easy on the eye and decided to dig into graphic design.
She is fascinated with how traditional design changes under the influence of technology and sees it as an excellent creative challenge. Likes to get lost in unknown cities and sleep, because that’s when all the best ideas materialise. Addicted to sun, creativity and clicking.


monika starzyk

She deals with happiness on a daily basis and she’s thinking of combining neuropsychology with IT. When she wanted to organise learning Ruby on Rails for herself, she accidentally started organising it for others too.
Get in touch with her if you want to join - she knows places, dates, many reliable coaches and all of Cracow’s possibilities in this field.

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